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The great majority of people is not aware of what a life in the wrong time does to others and themselves. Inform them.

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Feel empowered: science is behind you!

Write to politicians

Send them a letter or an email. Tell them your opinion.

Sign petitions
Help your country by helping others and sign their petitions against permanent Daylight Saving Time. The refusal of Daylight Saving Time by other nations will also influence the decision of your country’s politicians regarding Daylight Saving Time in your country.

Live in accordance with the right time

If you can arrange for it in your everyday life, live according to the right time during Daylight Saving Time. You will quickly notice how positive this affects your well-being. Here you will find tips and support for implementation, as well as experience reports.


Send us your personal story

Do you suffer from Daylight Saving Time yourself? You are not alone. Share your problems with us and others affected. This helps fellow sufferers to end the silence. If you wish, we can publish your report here – authored or anonymously.


Send us your opinion

We collect concerns about a permanent Daylight Saving Time from all professional groups and private individuals and pass them on to politicians. Write us.

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