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Till Roenneberg

The right to sleep

A combat script for sleep and an obituary for the alarm clock

The wake-up call from the sleep expert

Anyone who wakes up with the alarm clock has not slept through to the end

... like a washing machine that has not finished its washing program.

Sleep is the pit stop for our brain, during this time a lot of important "work" is done. And the body needs its time for that. Professor Till Roenneberg explains what happens to our body during sleep, what we can learn from looking at sleep in other cultures and at other times, to what extent the internal clock influences almost all of the body's processes and what options we have to regulate our individual sleep improve.
A new theory on the origins of dreams and an answer to the question of whether we should rather sleep with the curtains open or closed: you can also find that in ›The Right to Sleep‹

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Peter Spork

Wake up! Departure to a well-rested company

From summer to shift work: we routinely mess around with our internal clock - and thereby ruin our health. The neurobiologist Peter Spork has transferred scientific findings from biology and medicine to our everyday life - and designed an 8-point plan for how we can live in harmony with the rhythm of nature again. Not only does summer time need to be abolished, we also need more light at work, and presenterism in the office has to give way to taking chronotypes into account. "Wake up" is a plea for a well rested society - with less burnout and depression, less lack of sleep and irritability, less obesity and diabetes.

Buch Spork
Buch Roenneberg


Chronobiologist for permanent summer time

"People will feel that they are not doing well"

Florian Schumann, March 29, 2019, Tagesspiegel

Michael Wieden, March 24th, 21st

Friedrich Schmidt, July 22nd, 2014,

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Peter Spork, September 18, 2018

Peter Spork, September 18, 2018

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