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The first home test for your internal clock

Living in harmony with your internal clock is a basic building block for physical and mental health. Especially when you sleep, but also when you work, eat and exercise, you should take into account when your body is ready to perform these activities. However, the internal clock ticks differently from person to person. Just like your height, shoe size, or hair color, your individual chronotype is also a very personal characteristic of you. 


But how do you know which chronotype you are?


For a long time it was only possible to determine the chronotype using questionnaires or complex test procedures in sleep laboratories. That is over now. Thanks to BodyClock's first RNA home test . The test was developed at the Charité in Berlin in the Department of Chronobiology. With this you can find out your chronotype from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is send in a hair root sample.


In the laboratory, RNA is then extracted from the hair root cells. No DNA from your genetic makeup is analyzed. Based on the activity of around 20 genes (RNA), which provide information about a person's individual internal clock, the exact point in time at which your body releases the sleep hormone melatonin is derived.


In a personalized results report, you will then find out your individual chronotype and when the optimal time for you to sleep, work, eat and do sports is. There are also scientifically-based recommendations on how you can live in harmony with your individual internal clock.

NOTE: This is NOT a paid advertising. BetterTimes does not benefit financially from BodyClock in any way. It is currently the only genetic test that promises a more accurate determination of chronotype and is therefore of great help to the people we support.

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