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Mother of schoolchildren


"Zombies at the breakfast table - a modern form of torture

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

the time has come again: the summer holidays are over and we are sitting together again at the breakfast table, pale, deep shadows around our eyes, no one speaks a word, torn out of deep sleep. Zombies at the breakfast table.My children barely touch the food, knocked out, the stomach is not ready to eat before 6:00 am CET. Then they sleepwalk on their way to school, and one can be happy every day when they and you, too, arrive home safely.

Because not only  they are deprived of sleep, but also the rest of the population who is active on the streets.


And why all this ??? Yes, thanks to a regulation that says that school starts at 7:00 a.m. CET (= 8:00 a.m. CEST) and we all have to start working one hour earlier.

This regulation is called: Daylight Saving Time regulation. If they had  done this decree back in the 80s in that way, hell would have broken out, but the whole thing was nicely wrapped up in a word called "Daylight Saving Time", it sounds nice because everyone associates something beautiful with it.
And so everyone gets up earlier, works earlier, the school starts at 7:00 a.m. CET and no one realizes how he is being deceived.
Everyone is amazed by the sudden increase in tiredness, feels exhausted, reduced performance, aggressiveness and sensitivity increases, illnesses increase. Headache syndromes, ADS in children, increases in blood pressure, vegetative sensitivity disorders, loss of libido etc., instead of thinking of the simplest: everyone lacking sleep is more sensitive, irritated, immunodeficient, etc., the so-called "guilt" is then stress and pressure to perform.
And where does the stress come from again? It is obvious:
It starts when I am woken from deep sleep an hour early, my heart starts racing and I'm already not OK in the morning... after such a start I rush through the day and meet at work all the other rushing ones. So the whole thing escalates.
We have to go through the whole 7 months of the year and as compensation only get 5 months a normal time, which corresponds to the position of the sun and the internal organ clock, which is then also called "winter time" in the vernacular, which subconsciously gives the idea to people that it is something negative because Winter means cold & dark.
That's what I call the modern form of torture. Daily sleep deprivation of 1 hour.
Yes! Daily sleep deprivation, not only on the weekend when the clock is set. That's a mistake: we get up one hour earlier every day for 7 months. This is called "social" jet lag, I was told.

To get 8 hours of sleep, for example, I should have fallen asleep before 21:30 CET. This is actually the case on many days because I fall into exhaustion sleep. Because of that, I wake up between 0:30 and 3:00 a.m. CET (= 1:30 & 4:00 a.m .CEST) and then sleep very restless and with a lot dreams until the alarm clock. So I'm one of those with sleep disorders, which is supposed to be the new widespread disease and is currently being discussed at the Neurology Congress in Munich. And where do the sleep disorders come from?
Quite clear: I got up too early, I was exhausted in the evening, so I go to bed before I actually sleep and then wake up at night. Conclusion: sleep is disturbed.
But also here stress and the high work pressure is discussed. But actually it is quite simple: I have not rested, therefore the work is more stressful and more of a burden!

The decree of the Daylight Saving Time regulation must be abolished if we want to have a well-rested and efficient society again, with peaceful families with rosy faces at the breakfast table !!

Kind regards
XX "

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