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How People Suffer

Many people are ashamed to speak openly about physical complaints due to Daylight Saving Time. We believe that they don't have to - and they shouldn't.


We offer a mouthpiece for all those affected to describe their suffering so that they can finally be heard.

Maria P.

“Every summer, I felt throughout the day without drive and suffered from gastrointestinal complaints, headaches, mood swings and pronounced tiredness.
Because of my troubles, my social environment was in danger of breaking up. I was often accused of being lazy and had to listen to tips such as: "Then just go to bed earlier." However, even with going to bed deliberately early and switching off all electronic devices it was impossible to fall asleep earlier than normal for me (1 a.m.). So I decided to start my work at 10 a.m., especially during Daylight saving Time. A job change was necessary for this.
Since then I have been feeling healthy and motivated and I am hardly susceptible to infections. I became aware that I am neither lazy nor undisciplined, but that I belong to the late chronotypes and now accept myself as an owl.

Unfortunately, not everyone, like me, can choose to start work later or is ready to change jobs. Therefore, I consider the introduction of permanent Daylight Saving Time, which some politicians are considering, to be hazardous to health and problematic. ”

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