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Petitions against Daylight Saving Time 



IMPORTANT: there are no costs associated with the petition: if the petition websites ask for donations those are voluntary. Furthermore, these are exclusively for the website and do not in any way support the creators of the petition nor their actions.

*Remark: The petitions are written in the countries language. Here is a way to translate them and read them yourself:

  1. Open the respective petition by clicking on it.

  2. Open the Google translator in another browser window.

  3. Then copy the petition link from the address line of your browser into the input field of the Google translator and select the desired languages.

  4. Open the link in the output field of the Google translator by clicking the symbol at the end of the link.

  5. Please note:

  • The petition can only be signed on the original page of the petition (not on the page generated by the Google-Translator).

  • The translation by the Google translator is not done by humans, but by computer algorithms. Therefore, there is a discrepancy in terms of expression. These do not reflect the writing style of the petition authors in their own language.

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